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Get Equipped to
Stop Bullying

5 Practical Strategies for Schools and Teachers to Create a Safe & Positive Environment

In this free eBook, you will learn more about how to:

Take A Whole School Community Approach

It takes a village to combat bullying, find out how to include student leaders and parents.

Implement a Zero-Tolerance Policy

Define and explain bullying behaviour. Promote and reinforce inclusivity and kindness.

Foster a Positive School Culture

Better support your students to build resilience, report bullying and feel safe.

From gang member to youth mentor & motivator

Eric went from being racially bullied on his first day in primary school, to joining a gang in high school, to winning the African Australian Community award in his 20’s.

Now Eric helps schools build a culture of respect and resilience. His compelling keynote and workshops foster real and lasting change in school communities.

Help your school create a culture of resilience and kindness.