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From gang member to youth mentor
Book Eric Agyeman to motivate positive self-image for students

Build a Culture of Respect

Anti-Bullying & Resilience

Early Intervention Wellbeing

Young people don’t realise that no matter the challenges they face, they can achieve more.

Being different, getting teased, struggling to find belonging, falling in with the wrong crowd.

Eric’s been there. His story is one of getting back up again in the face of real adversity.

Your students need to know this is possible for them too.

When you bring Eric Agyeman into your wellbeing program, he will deliver:

A captivating story

Eric’s engaging speaking style will keep even the rowdiest of cohorts absolutely compelled!

Keynotes & workshops to improve student culture

Choose to do both or just one! You’ll get practical and relatable empowerment for teens.

Follow up resources for students & teachers

Continue the growth with helpful wellbeing tools!

From gang member to youth mentor & motivator

Eric went from being racially bullied on his first day in primary school, to joining a gang in high school, to winning the African Australian Community award in his 20’s.

By sharing his powerful and relatable story, Eric will inspire your school community to continue to build a culture of respect and resilience.

What to expect from Eric at your school:

  • “The quietest our 330 students have been in any presentation, you had them at the edge of their seats with your compelling story”

    Narre Warren South P-12 College
  • “We had so much positive feedback from staff and students about Eric’s sessions. Moreover, the issues we had been dealing with virtually stopped after these sessions as students began to realise the impact that their words and actions could have on others. We have definitely noticed a cultural shift that has been very positive”

    Kerry – Hillcrest Christian College
  • “I only heard positive replies from staff and students. The overall main response was amazing and some stated they have never heard a presentation like it before! A few students told their teachers how much they liked Eric’s examples of the way he was in the school”

    Beverley – John Fawkner College


    $1,100 +GST

    Eric shares his compelling lived experience story of overcoming adversity and mental health challenges to inspire resilience, respect, and leadership. Students will walk away with practical next steps to improve their wellbeing, academic, and personal development.

    • Printable poster of quotes from the session
    • Daily Affirmation Bookmarks
    • Follow up resource for teachers
    • Recommended amount of people 150-200

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    $895 +GST

    Practical and inspirational workshops led by Eric for years 5 – 12. Each workshop is designed for 80-100 students but can be tailored to suit the size and needs of your school or youth organisation.

    • Resilience
    • Leadership
    • Boys 2 Noble Man
    • Anti-Bullying

    Schedule a Chat

    How it works:

    Book a chat with Eric

    Eric takes the time to understand the needs of your school and how he can help you.

    Plan a wellbeing day to remember

    With Eric’s compelling keynote and workshop, see your students engage with identity-forming topics and ideas!

    See real and lasting change with students

    Eric takes the time to understand the needs of your school and how he can help you.

    Download eBook:
    5 Proven Strategies to Address Bullying in Schools

    30 Day Journal
    Empowering teens to thrive through life’s challenges

    “Every student must know they have a bright future ahead.”

    “If I could turn my life around against all odds, so can they.”

    – Eric Agyeman