About Eric Youth Mentor & Speaker John Maxwell Certified Team Member

A victim of racial bullying in primary school, Eric had first-hand experience of being bullied. Being the only African in his school, he experienced constant teasing, isolation and fear which led to him missing many days of school. The bullying led to anger and other emotions he didn’t know how to identify or navigate at the time.

He was suspended 4 times in high school as a result of his reactions to this circumstance. It became a very dark period in his life, as he struggled to fit in and accept himself, and it led him to having suicidal tendencies.

From being a gang member in High School and labeled ‘at risk’, two decades later, Today Eric is the founder of School Revival, a movement in high schools building resilience in young people through transformational workshops. He is also the founder of PVBS, a social enterprise funding life-changing education to children in Ghana and Cambodia, A venture that has earned him several nominations including Young Victorian of the year, Pride of Australia awards and the winner of African Australian Community Impact awards in 2014.

An author of 3 best-selling books, Eric has dedicated his life to helping young people discover their inner King and Queen to live life to their fullest potential through workshops and his Mentoring Program ‘The Royal Hood’ Eric is a great example to young people, that no matter your background, mistakes and failures, you can still get back up and make your life count!